Fractal Video Disc

Fractal Video Disc

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Do you love fractal images? Then you will really love fractal videos. The fractals are in full motion with a music soundtrack. They will blow your socks off!
Fractal videos are made by generating a sequence of slightly changing fractals. Each second of video requires 60 separate fractal images to be generated. A 3 1/4 minute video requires the generation of 11,800 images! Even with my newest computing equipment, it takes over 8 days running 24x7 to generate the necessary fractal images. These videos are created starting with one of my still fractals. I then generate intermediate images that eventually become another one of my fractals. For my Genesis Bathing video, eleven of my still fractals were used.

Blu-ray discs (in full HD quaility video) and DVD discs (in DVD quality) are now available.  For more information about the video discs or to see some videos click here.