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Do you love fractal images? Then you will really love fractal videos. The fractals are in full motion with a music soundtrack. They will blow your socks off!

Fractal videos are made by generating a sequence of slightly changing fractals. Each second of video requires 60 separate fractal images to be generated.  A 3 1/4  minute video requires the generation of 11,800 images!  Even with my newest computing equipment, it takes over 8 days running 24x7 to generate the necessary fractal images.  These videos are created starting with one of my still fractals.  I then generate intermediate images that eventually become another one of my fractals.  For my Genesis Bathing video, eleven of my still fractals were used.

You can view full HD resolution versions of my fractal videos below.  The videos "Genesis Bathing" and "Erupting Realities" are full length.  The other seven videos are short samples to give you an idea of what each video is like. You can also access the videos on my youtube channel at:

In addition to downloads, you can also purchase my videos on Blu-ray discs (in full HD quality video) and on DVD discs (in DVD quality) with almost 40 minutes of fractal video broken into 9 individual videos.