I am now having fractals printed on tote bags!

The tote bags are $53.90

These items are available through my pages on the Le Galeriste website.  For details see below.  For more information or to order go to:  l  and click Accessories then click Tote Bags.  

These items are produced on demand.  Production and shipping can take about 4 weeks. I maintain a small stock of previously ordered items  These are listed on the Special Sale!! page and can be shipped in 1-2 days.  Go to Special Sale!!  



Size: 18” x 20”
Nylon handles
Scuba (100% Polyester)
Machine Washable
One size
Made in Canada

Care & Composition

Machine Washable & Wrinkle-free
Fabric great for travelling!
Using the dryer could damage clothes faster in the long run. However, they can go without a problem, since the fabric is already shrunk and has already been heated to 400 degrees.