My fractal artwork is the interface between two worlds.  The one world is calculated, logical, objective.  Fractals are mathematically based and created with computers.  The other world is emotional, soul-stirring, subjective.  What fascinated me about my first fractals was their beautiful, organic patterns and luxurious colors.  They exhilarated me emotionally and spiritually and still do!

The structure and pattern are intrinsically part of the equations I use to create my art.  I find the process of discovering them in an almost infinite numerical landscape challenging but a labor of love.  I then use the transformative power of color to both make these structures and patterns visible to the human eye and to communicate the emotional experience of their creation.

I am amazed at times at others’ reactions to my images.  My audience brings their own unique perspective and life experience.  I love how my art can connect me with them in a very special way. 

I use a process, calculated, logical and objective, to create art that I find emotionally evocative, soul-stirring and subjective.  In my mind the two should not fit together.  They should be separate realities.  The resolution is in the math.  Fractals are created using the same math that nature uses to build the universe around us.  The two worlds both spring from the same mathematical framework.  It leads me to pause and reflect on what other artificial distinctions I make between things that are not really that different, between things that are really one at some level.

-Kevin J. Gross