Discounted Ltd Ed Fractal Photos

Discounted Ltd Ed Fractal Photos

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Actually, it wasn't quite a flood but there was water on the floor of my basement studio last spring.  Nothing was damaged but recently I was thinking.  Why am I keeping inventory of some of my limited edition fractal photographs when my customers could be enjoying them?  So thus was born the "Not Quite a Flood Sale!"  The best way to get them out of my basement and into your hands is by slashing the price.  So I decided to slash the price for 11"x14" limited edition fractal photographs to $29.99! 

That's right, under $30 with free shipping!  Plus there are discounts if you order more than one!  Buy 2-4 and the price drops to $24.99.  Buy 5 or more and the price drops to 19.99!  Click here to see a gallery of all the photographs that are on sale.