Embraced by the Vines of Life x2a Custom

You may have noticed I haven't posted much on social media or sent out any newsletters in the past couple months. I've been working on my next project: fractal scarves! I am now having fractals printed on a satiny fabric and am making it into 54" x 18" scarves. I think the fractals look better on this satiny fabric than on anything else I've put them on before! It gives the fractals almost a metallic shimmer. Best of all they hold up to laundering! Pictures don't do them justice. You have to see them in the cloth!  

Right now the only way to do that is to come to the opening reception for my fractal exhibit this Friday, June 7, at Art House, 211 S Main St, Fl 2, Goshen, Indiana, for the public debut of my scarves.  You can see more information about the opening on Facebook by clicking here.  I will include a couple images here used for the scarves but again the scarves look better than even the original computer images!

Can't make it to Art House Friday night?  The exhibit will be up at Art House into August.  Too far away from Goshen for a little road trip?  I am working on photographing some scarves in such a way that really reflects how gorgeous they are!  I will be posting those on my website and Facebook and setting up the option to order scarves through my website in the near future.  I'll send out an newsletter update at that time.  Until then you can look through my fractal galleries and dream about which fractals you would like to see produced as scarves!

If you have questions feel free to contact me!

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