Splint 400One thing that has been keeping me busy the last five months is recovering from a tendon rupture for my right middle finger. The rupture happened November 9th. Since I didn't want to spend the rest of my life unable to close my right middle finger (no picture included), I had surgery and spent 6 weeks in the splint pictured to keep the closing tendons of 3 fingers unused while healing.
I got rid of the splint on December 27th but didn't get the go ahead to drive my car's manual transmission again until January 11th. Unfortunately, something went wrong and the tendon ruptured again January 24th. This led to another surgery and another 5 weeks in the splint.  By then I was getting really tired of my splint and started some retro-fitting to make it more useful. See below.

I got out of my splint the second time and was able to start driving again on April 12th.  I have started strengthening exercises in therapy and am starting to regain normal use of my right hand.  Things are looking good although some aspects of the healing will take months. After not driving for most of 4 1/2 months, I am very happy to be driving again!
I also am enjoying a return to two handed typing!
Retrofit 400
 Hand 400
Fist 400